Volume 2 - 2021

A Hands-on Project for Teaching Semantic Web Technologies in an Undergraduate AI Course

Neli P. Zlatareva
Publication date: February 2021
Page(s): 1-11
DOI: 10.11159/jmids.2021.001

Modelling and Analysis of a Serial Robotic Arm

Bin Wei
Publication date: May 2021
Page(s): 12-17
DOI: 10.11159/jmids.2021.002

On-line Situational Awareness for Autonomous Driving at Roundabouts using Artificial Intelligence

Mehran Zamani Abnili, Nasser L. Azad
Publication date: May 2021
Page(s): 17-24
DOI: 10.11159/jmids.2021.003

An Experimental Set-up and Performance Evaluation of EPON-Based 5G RAN Architecture Enabled by Distributed Network Control Management

Syed R. Zaidi, Aparicio Carranza
Publication date: August 2021
Page(s): 25-32
DOI: 10.11159/jmids.2021.004

Software Validation and Daubert Standard Compliance of an Open Digital Forensics Model

Aparicio Carranza, Casimer DeCusatis
Publication date: September 2021
Page(s): 33-43
DOI: 10.11159/jmids.2021.005